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Services Offered

These issues are addressed using a variety of approaches with particular emphasis on the Imago work of Harville Hendrix.

Men's Issues:
Dr. Geiger’s research was on men’s issues. She has continued to focus her study on the unique challenges men face, and has a particular interest in helping men address these issues.

Walk & Talk Therapy:
All other psychological issues lessen when the body and mind are cared for optimally. For that reason, Dr. Geiger offers an exciting, comprehensive fitness plan in her Walk & Talk therapy. You can walk your way to fitness while talking about the challenges in your life. State-of-the-art technology that includes hand-held and computer instruments, is utilized to help clients achieve great success in reducing the impact of stress in their lives, improving their sleep, addressing depression, anxiety, anger, and emotional eating.  Dr. Geiger works closely with quality psychiatric counsel to assure that clients who may require or desire medication will receive it. Additionally, she utilizes a variety of lifestyle, behavioral, cognitive, and psychodynamic approaches to addressing these troubling issues.

For those clients who just want to feel better overall or just want to finally get fit, a comprehensive lifestyle program, First Line Therapy (FLT) is offered. Clients learn about and enjoy quality food choices. They learn the benefits of daily exercise and specifically what is needed to achieve all-around physical fitness. The lifestyle program incorporates the state-of-the-art approaches to stress mentioned above, and those troubling sleep issues are addressed. The goal of this lifestyle program is optimal fitness, and a healthier, longer life.

As a mother of four, Dr. Geiger has a particular interest in helping parents manage the challenges of children and in creating a quality home environment. As a graduate of the Adler School, parenting was a significant component of her training. She enjoys working with parents to create limits that are based on family values, to teach them strategies for creating an optimal environment for development, and especially to empathize with and help them understand how their parenting is impacted by memories of their childhood in both good and less optimal ways.

Emotional Intelligence:
Emotional Intelligence refers to a client’s level of skill in managing the emotional/social challenges of life. Sometimes referred to as street smarts, it includes such things as assertiveness, empathy, stress management, independence and self-actualization. All of these skills can be acquired or improved. A well-researched instrument is utilized and a comprehensive approach to improving these skills in 15 areas is provided. Retesting is offered in six months to assess a client’s progress. Group testing is offered and can be very effective at increasing cohesiveness and productivity.

Dr. Geiger has utilized EMDR since 1998, and pursued up-to-date training in 2008. In addition to relieving clients of some of the lasting effects of traumatic events, such as a house fire, loss of a child, rape, abuse, EMDR has now been increasingly applied to address issues of performance, whether giving a speech, entertaining, sports, or a variety of other performance challenges.
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