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Doctor's Philosophy

My job as a psychologist is a privilege for which I am grateful. Aldo Carotenuto said, “Learn your theories well, but set them aside when you touch the miracle of the human soul.” To be invited into the life of an individual, granted his/her trust, and to be relied upon to help him/her accomplish significant goals is the best job I can imagine. I often see a client who begins his/her therapy somewhat “thrashing around,” blaming others, feeling helpless, inadequate, frustrated, “less than.” So, we must begin our work validating the good that is there, however insignificant it may feel to the client at the time. As a client reestablishes the knowledge that there is much that is good about him, he gains the courage to look at those things he likely must change. A client will get quieter and quieter as therapy progresses and he realizes just how much power he has in his situation. I know my clients are finished with therapy when the thrashing stops, and a Quiet Elegancesm emerges.
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